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Chemical formulation technology for Agrochemical use and its benefits

Amit Agnihotri


Since 1940’s, chemical industries have been trying to satisfy the demands of farmers and cultivars, to increase crop yield, quality and productivity. Chemical formulations have been developed to fulfill these needs. Pesticides comprises wide range of chemicals that are mixed together under specific conditions to yield a product that can be effectively applied at lower rates, and exhibit properties such as non-toxicity, non-target species, and is more environment-friendly [1]. The types of formulations that are prepared easily and commonly used in daily practice is briefed here.

Keywords: adhesives, agrochemical, emulsifiers, formulation, paints

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Anjan Bhattacharyya, Suhrid Ranjan Barik & Pritam Ganguly. New pesticide molecules, formulation technology and uses: Present status and future challenges. The Journal of Plant Protection Sciences, 1(1): 9-15, 2009.


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