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Chirag Vyas


The first genetic modified crop plant was produced in 1982, an antibiotic resistant tobacco plant. GM crops are the need of hour where our world faces highly disastrous climate change and whooping malnutrition among people. Still 1.2 billion people in which large part of infancy & adolescences facing mass malnutrition. According to numbers from world food programme approximately 790 million people don’t have enough food to live healthy life. Appreciate the factors of natural production and manmade, it is one of our disgrace data of our age that today so many people are still suffering from starvation and malnutrition.
As population continue to born, conflicts destroys region and global warming effects people lives, we cannot for the solution that the major hunger to simply pop out nowhere. Genetic modified crops spotlight the future of human farming which plays a crucial role in decrease in hunger report but malnutrition graph are slowing down, instead of this new diseases arises which cause the inception of newly genetic disorder in new born human babies.
A plant growth hormone is naturally produced chemical which synthesise in single part of the plant and then it travels to another part where it effects growth & development take place. There are five main groups
• Auxin or Indole Acetic Acid [IAA]
• Gibberellin or Gibberrellic acid [GA]
• Cytokinin
• Ethylene
• Abscissic acid
 AUXIN – helps in cell enlargement & in role in apical dominance.
 Gibbrelin – elongation & seed germination.
 Cytokinin – cell division & delays senecense.
 Abscissic acid – promotes dormancy,stomatal regulation.
 Ethylene – fruit ripening,organ abscission.

Keywords: plant growth hormone, epigenetics, Global warming, ripening, genetic modified GMO.

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