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Basics of anti-erosion protection of cultivated soils of mountain and Foothill areas of Azerbaijan

Aliyev Zakir Huseyn oglu


Abstract : The article deals with the problem of protection of soil from erosion soil erosion Problems. There is an urgent task of national importance, a decision that deepens year by year. Admittedly, it is associated with both the knowledge of the outstanding role of the soil in the life of the biosphere, and recognizing that allowing 43.3% of the whole territory of Azerbaijan have experienced any type of erosion. Losing the biological activity of almost degradirovalos. Intensively developed widespread erosion. However, this recognized that to date has convincingly shown that the soil is not only a fundamental means of agricultural production, but also an essential component of terrestrial ecosystems, powerful battery energy on Earth, a regulator of the whole the atmosphere and the hydrosphere, reliable barrier not pollutant migration paths. To cause tremendous damage to soil erosion in the country's economy. Protecting the land against degradation primarily by erosion, is one of the most important tasks of the environmental problems which can only be a comprehensive study of the deep causes and habitats of its development, through the elaboration of scientific foundations protection and rational use of soil resources. Establishing a scientific development concept of soil erosion research that will contribute to the development of scientific bases of ecologically balanced use of soil in the Republic

Keywords: gipsometricheskie border, erosion protection, topography, groundwater, cultivated plant

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