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Desulfurization of Light Fuels Using Trihexyl Tetradecyl Phosphonium Bromide

Shivam Varma, Swapnil A. Dharaskar, Samir K. Deshmukh


Owing to the stringent environmental regulations in many countries for production of ultra-low sulfur petroleum fractions with the aim to reduce sulfur emissions, has resulted in increased interest in this area among the scientific community. The need for zero sulfur emissions enhances the requirement of more advanced techniques in desulfurization. The mechanism of desulfurization by extraction is a promising approach having several advantages over the conventional method of hydrodesulphurization. The data and results provided in the present paper explore the significant insights of phosphonium based ionic liquids as a promising environmentally benign solvent for the extractive desulfurization of liquid fuel.

Keywords: Ionic Liquids, Desulfurization, Liquid Fuel, Extraction, Industrial Application

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