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Green Routes for Modification of Cure Characteristics and Mechanical Properties of Rubber Compound

Sandeep Rai, Ankit Mishra, Yash Berawala, Anjali Bishnoi


Compounding of rubber is very crucial to make the raw rubber suitable for its end use. Term Compounding of rubber refers to the selection and mixing the different ingredients that fulfil the processing, performance, cost requirements of finished rubber products. The compounding ingredients include fillers, reinforcements, plasticizers, curatives, accelerators, stabilizers etc. The curatives play key role in the formation of crosslink or vulcanisation. Since Ionic level (IL) has very low pressure, the emission of Volatile organic compounds (VOC) during the vulcanisation (carried out at high temperature and pressure) can be minimized to great extent. The overall results of the study indicated that IL significantly improved mechanical properties and reduced cure rate/time at 4 phr level in cold Nitrile-Butadiene (NBR) based compound.

Keywords: cure characteristics, green technology, ionic liquids, NBR, rubber compounds

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