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Improvement of mechanical properties of recycled polyethylene with utilization of bio-filler

Sandeep Rai, Nikhil Patel, Hardik Rana, Sunil Kumar, Anjali Bishnoi, Hitkam Pandya


Nowadays, the consumption of plastics all over the world has been tremendously growing, which is culminating into large amount of waste plastic material. It is believed that the management of solid waste is one of the major environmental concerns in the world. Due to limited space on landfills and increasing costs of plastics, utilization of waste plastics has become an attractive alternative for disposal. This research work describes the preparation of composites of the recycled low density polyethylene (RLDPE) with egg shell powder (ESP) as bio-filler. ESP in various loadings (5 to 15 phr) has been utilized in RLDPE composites and its effect on mechanical and thermal properties was observed. Study indicates that as we increase the loading of ESP, tensile strength, modulus of elasticity increases while elongation at beak decreases. Detailed results and future application of this work will be discussed in this paper.

Keywords: bio-filler, egg shell, modulus, recycling of plastic, tensile strength

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