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Comparative studies on the use of palm kernel and coconut oil as biodiesel fuel sources

I. H Ifijen, A. I. Aigbodion, S. O Omorogbe, O. G Agbonlahor


This research work focuses on the production of biodiesel from palm kernel oil and coconut oil. The biodiesel was prepared by trans-esterification of the oils (unsaturated fatty acid) with an alcohol in the presence of a catalyst to give mono alkyl ester. The biodiesel obtained from the two sources was characterized and the properties compared, The API gravity, Specific gravity, Flash point, Carbon residue, Sediment and Water content, sulphur content and iodine value were observed to be 21.92 0 C/ 25.580C), 0.9223/0.9030, 640 C/ 620 C, 0.04%/0.03%, <0.1, 0.17%/ 0.16%, 13.5mg/12.6mg for palm kernel and coconut oils biodiesel respectively. The results for these properties were further compared with standard and were found to be comparable. This study shows that biodiesel obtained from palm kernel and coconut oils can be alternative to conventional fossil diesel since it is more environmentally friendly.

Keywords: Palm kernel oil; Coconut oil; biodiesel; transesterification

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