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Review on Green Corrosion Inhibitors

Gengan Saravanan


Green corrosion inhibitors have attracted considerable research interest in the recent years due to the increase in environmental awareness and restrictions on traditional corrosion inhibitors due to their intrinsic toxicity. Natural products extracts are a good source of green corrosion inhibitors, because they contain the necessary elements such as O, C, N, and S, that
helps in attachment of these compounds on metals or alloys which results in development of corrosion passivating film. In earlier days, corrosion control techniques included cathodic protection, process control, reduction of the metal impurity content, surface treatment methods and inclusion of suitable corrosion resistant alloys. However, the use of corrosion
inhibitors was found to be the simplest and economical method for corrosion control.

These inhibitors decrease the rate of corrosion and saves huge monetary losses that occurs due to corrosion in industrial machineries and surfaces. Inorganic and organic inhibitors are toxic and thus green corrosion inhibitors due to their environmentally benign nature are a dominant research topic, which has caught the interest of many researchers in the area of control control.

This paper gives a brief overview of current research finding involving green corrosion inhibitors for corrosion control.

Key words: Green corrosion inhibitors, passivating film, corrosion control, natural extracts

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