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Aliyev Zakir Huseyn oglu


Natural and economic conditions in Azerbaijan are very complex and peculiar. Up to 60% of the entire territory of Azerbaijan is occupied by mountain and foothill zones, the remaining part (42.8%) - plains and lowlands. The territory of the republic is covered by high mountains, intermountain depressions, valleys, volcanic highlands, which were formed during the geological epoch. On a relatively small territory of the republic there is a whole complex of deposits. The features of the geological structure and the available material on the tectonics of the whole territory of the republic make it possible to restore the history of the development of its relief from the early geological epochs. In the Greater and Lesser Caucasus, the geological history of relief development can be traced from the Upper Jurassic, in Talysh from the beginning of the Paleogene, in the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic from the Paleozoic, which is confirmed by the investigations of B.A. Antonova, B.A. Budagova [5] at the beginning of the Oligocene, early Miocene tectonic processes are intensified and as a result, in all folded surfaces, an increase in land occurs. In the Greater Caucasus, the Gusar and Tfan uplifts increase and in their troughs there is accumulation of clay. In the Lesser Caucasus, along with clays, there is an accumulation of sands, gravels and conglomerates, sediments characteristic of river valleys when they leave the mountains and much more

Keywords : natural-climatic; -equal, lowlands, hollows, valleys, volcanic highlands, geological epoch, relief, mountain ranges; activation of volcanism, erosion, etc.

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