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Localization of 2-Methoxy Naphthalene in Micellar Medium through Fluorescence Quenching

A. Xess, S. N. Panda, P. K. Behera


Fluorescence quenching of 2-methoxy naphthalene (2-ROMe) by Cu2+ in anionic, cationic and non-ionic micelles were investigated by steady state fluorescence spectrophotometer. In cationic and non-ionic micelle, the quenching is purely dynamic whereas as in anionic micelle it is dynamic within a limiting concentration of quencher. The extent of quenching depends on localization of probe and quencher in micelle as well as the charge of the micellar interface.

Keywords: fluorescence quenching, 2-methoxy naphthalene, micelle, dynamic quenching, stern–Volmer plot

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