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Encapsulation of Caffeine With α- and β-Cyclodextrins: Spectral and Molecular Modeling Studies

N. Rajendiran, T. Mohandoss, J. Thulasidhasan


Inclusion complexation of caffeine with α-CD and β-CD were studied by UV–Visible, fluorescence, time resolved fluorescence, FTIR, 1H NMR, SEM, and molecular modeling techniques. Changes in the absorbance and fluorescence intensities and fluorescence lifetime of the caffeine in the CD solutions conforms the formation of inclusion complex. Carbonyl (C=O) stretching frequency moved to higher wave numbers and broadening of the N–H stretching band indicated the formation of inclusion complex. The resonance of the methyl protons of caffeine show remarkable up field or down field shift in the 1H NMR spectrum indicate that five-membered ring of the caffeine entrapped in the CD cavities. Investigations of energetic, thermodynamic, and electronic properties of PM3 computational calculations confirmed the stability of the inclusion complex.

Keywords: caffeine, cyclodextrins, inclusion complex, molecular modeling, fluorescence

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