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Physico-chemical Analysis of Some Soil Sample around Jaypee Nagar Industrial Area in Postmonsoon Season Session 2012–2013 of Rewa, District MP (India)

Mukesh Singh, Mahendra Kumar Bhatnagar, Manoj Kumar Solanki


In the present study, various physico-chemical factors were assessed for the whole year during pre- and postmonsoon season session 2012–2013 to determine the impact cement dust on the soil quality around Jaypee Nagar industrial area. Physico-chemical parameters such as pH, electrical conductivity, organic carbon, phosphorus, potassium, CEC, calcium, magnesium, sulphate, are taken. Most of the samples are within permissible limit. The positive correlation was observed among most of the Physico-Chemical parameters except DO. The study reveals that the huge influx of cement dusts is the key factors enhancing pollution load on the soil quality around Jaypee Nagar industrial area. The accumulation of cement dust and other industrial waste materials over the years have contributed considerably in raising the physico-chemical parameters, including the uptake of essential nutrients by plants. These favourable conditions and higher nutrient availability were considered capable of supporting crops grown in the area.

Keywords: cement dust, chemical properties of soil, Jaypee Nagar industrial area

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