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Functionalization of Reclaim Rubber: Possible Precursor for Polyblends in Engineering Applications

Hiren Mangukiya, Mahendra Rajput, Anjali Bishnoi, Sandeep Rai


Improvements in mechanical and dynamic properties of a blend can be achieved by surface treatments such as grafting of functional groups on one of the blend components or activation by the application of a coating of a polymer. This paper describes the effect of grafting maleic anhydride on reclaim rubber with varying levels of maleic anhydride (i.e., 2 and 5 phr) on open two roll mills. Investigated cure characteristics and mechanical properties of grafted reclaim rubber are discussed with elaboration of the possible future scope of the precursor.

Keywords: functionalization, grafted reclaim rubber, maleic anhydride, reclaim rubber, surface modification

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