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A Sensitive Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Diazepam with MBTH

Tulsidas R. Baggi, Nadadhur Geeta


A sensitive, specific spectrophotometric method for the determination of diazepam in bulk drug and formulations has been developed. The diazepam is hydrolyzed to yield 2-Methylamino-5- chlorobenzophenone which is coupled with 3-Methyl benzthiazolinone-2-hydrazone, in the presence of ceric ammonium sulphate as an oxidizing agent, to yield a blue colored solution having an absorbance maximum at 585 nm. It obeys Beer’s law in the concentration range of 0 – 4 µg / mL, with a molar absorptivity of and Sandell’s sensitivity of 0.0068 µg cm-2with good precision, reproducibility and accuracy.

Keywords: diazepam – Spectrophotometry - 3-Methyl benzthiazolinone-2-hydrazone

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