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Removal of fluoride from Ground Water Sample Using Basil Leaves as Adsorbent

Ishita P. Vyas, Payal Vaja, Shiv Thakkar, Gowtham Balasundaram


High Fluoride in Ground water has become one of the most important toxicological and geo-environmental issues. During the last decade, high fluoride concentration resulted in a new disease called “Fluorosis” which has been highlighted throughout the world. Among the water treatment methods available, Adsorption is found to be one of the most effective method for water purification. The Present investigation was carried out to find the suitability of Tulsi leaves as adsorbent for removal of fluoride from the Ground water samples. Also Tulsi possesses strong antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant and immune-enhancing properties. Results revealed that adsorption treatment using 25gm of Tulsi leaves per 500ml of water sample removed the excess fluorides in the sample after which the fluoride was brought into permissible limits.

Keywords: fluorides removal, Basil leaves, Adsorption.

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