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Dr Lakkimsetty Nageswara Rao, Ahmed Mohammed Al Busaidi


Most industrial sectors are concerned with reducing wastes activities; therefore they mostly use Lean manufacturing technology as the best solution to accomplish their aim. These non-added value wastes could be unnecessary motion, inadequate processing, excessive transportation, defects, waiting, unnecessary inventory and overproduction. A survey was implemented on both Rusayl Industry Area Company and National Heater Industries Company L.L.C for this study purpose as those two companies are compatible with this project. The study included examining assembly line of the companies it has been found that they have non-added value wastes. Basically the project aim here is to find methods to minimize lead-times and maximize efficiency, productivity and product quality through converting it to be a lean, so through utilizing VSM (value stream mapping) critical areas where identified to enhance and areas of problems. The gathered information was then utilized to create a current state map which will demonstrate the information and material flow. After that data was examined to figure out areas where more improvement are needed.

Keywords: Lean Assembly line, National heater, VSM, WIP

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