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Ebrahim Abolmagd, Fathy M Salama, Khalid A Attia, Ahmed A Abouserie, Ahmed El- Olemy


Atomic absorbtion spectrometic method has been developed and validated for direct determination of amoxicillin sodium in its pure and pharmaceutical dosage forms based on its sodium content at λ 589 nm. The developed method was found to be time and cost saving and has no tedious or complex procedures. The developed method is very sensetive regarding LOD (0.025 ppm of sodium equivalent to 0.423 μg mL-1), LOQ (0.076 ppm of sodium equivalent to 1.282 μg mL-1) and linearity range (0.2-1 ppm of sodium) equivalent to (3.37-16.84 μg mL-1). The accuracy of the method was further assesed by application of standard addition technique and a very satisfactory results were obtained. The results obtained by the proposed method were compared by statistical measures to reference method and there were no significant difference between the developed method and the reference method regarding the accuracy and precision. The developed method was validated according to ICH guidelines and the results were satisfactory.

Keywords: Amoxicillin; Atomic absorption spectrometry.

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Parameters Atomic absorption spectrometry Reported method (10)

Na 5 5

Mean 101.69 98.74

Variance 0.481 0.233

%RSD 0.694 0.489

Student’s t-test (2.306)b 1.076 ——

F-value (6.39)b 2.064 ——


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