Vol 3, No 1 (2017)

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Table of Contents


A New Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Psilocin and Psilocybin PDF
K. Lavanya, Tulsidas R. Baggi 1-8
A Simplified High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Method For Determination of Vitamin D3 in Human Serum PDF
Jaicy Alias, K J Rose Philo 9-13
Spectrophotometric Determination of Salicylates in Urine using 3-Methylbenzthiazolinone – 2 – hydrazone PDF
N. Geeta, Tulsidas R. Baggi 14-17
Functionalization of Reclaim Rubber: Possible Precursor for Polyblends in Engineering Applications PDF
Hiren Mangukiya, Mahendra Rajput, Anjali Bishnoi, Sandeep Rai 18-23