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Advances in the Drug Innovation by Chemoinformatic Techniques

Jolly Sen, Bharati V. Nagarajan


In the recent past, almost all the medicinal drugs were found either by accidental discoveries or by active ingredient recognition from traditional cures and treatment procedures. These procedures for the production of drugs used to be very, lengthy and reasonably expensive. With the current advancement in science and technology, the new rational bioinformatics and chemoinformatics methodologies for the designing the drug are being utilized to find new drug molecules is being utilized these days, where an analyst or a scientist interprets new technological innovations to accelerate the drug development and advancement procedures. These techniques are easy, short time taking and reasonably cheap when compared to the former conventional methodologies. In this review we are focusing on the utilization of these techniques in the discovery of drugs.

Keywords: bioinformatics, cheminformatics, drug innovation

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