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Dynamic Step Input Response of U-Tube Manometer for Different Fluids

S.V.A.R Sastry, K.Ananta Sai Prashanth, P. Vinay Varma, G.V.S.K. Reddy


Abstract: The objective of this paper is to study the parameters that describe response of under-damped second –order systems (U-Tube manometer) and to know the effect of diameter, length of the fluid column, nature of fluid and connecting tube length on time constant and zeeta. In this paper, we aim to determine the variation of time constant and zeeta for different values of parameters and to find design conditions in controller of a second order system for a faster response. It is found that for faster response of a second order system controller must be designed in such a way that overshoot value must be small, rise time must be short, shorter response time and smaller decay ratio.

Key words: Dynamic, Manometer, Response, Step Input, U-Tube.

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