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Production Technology & Application of ABS Plastic-A Review

Sandeep Rai, Hitkam Pandya, Bhavesh Padhiyar


ABS an engineering plastic contains butadiene part uniformly distributed over the acrylonitrile-styrene matrix. It has excellent toughness, good dimensional stability, easy processing ability, chemical resistance, color ability and relatively cheaper. However, it poor mechanical strength and weather resistance etc. are main shortcomings in this engineering plastic. It is non-conducting and easily fretted. Plating on ABS is frequently used to enhance the strength and structural integrity. ABS is found to be the most suitable material for plating because of possibility to deposit an adherent metal coating on it simple chemical pretreatment process and without any mechanical abrasion. This article describes briefly the history of ABS plastics, general properties of ABS, production technologies/ processes, Global market scenario and forecast. [1]

Keywords: ABS plastic, global market, production technologies, acrylonitrile-styrene matrix, Emulsion Polymerization.

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