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Evaluation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Remediation on Soil Environment Using Mangnifera Indica (Mango) Seed

C. P. Ukpaka, A. C Ugiri, P. N Ikenyiri


Evaluation of crude oil remediation on soil environment using mangnifera indica (mango) seeds grinded into dust which was used to adsorb crude oil from loamy soil (agricultural soil) at various experimental conditions and time interval was investigated. The adsorbent was characterized into two drying conditions; (room dried and sun dried) and two different species    (English and local) mangnifera indica was used. The parameter variation of different dosage and time on the crude oil adsorption was determined. The results showed that the English mangnifera indica was more effective for the crude oil remediation than the local mangnifera indica. This process enhances the reclaimed loamy soil (farm land) that was polluted with crude oil, and the adsorbent effectively improved the recovering of the farmland (loamy soil). With the aid of the remediant (mangnifera indica) as well as considering the performance, it could be recommended as major adsorbent for remediation of oil polluted environment (soil). The research work carried out demonstrates the usefulness and importance of mangnifera indica seed in the remediation of crude oil in a polluted soil environment. The change in total petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) concentration on the effect of the period of exposure with different dosage of mangnifera indica seed mesh introduced in the different containers were examined and the results obtained revealed decrease in TPH concentration

Key words: Evaluation, petroleum hydrocarbon, remediation, soil environment,  mangnifera indica, mango seed

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Cite this Article: A.C. Ugiri, C. P. Ukpaka, P.N. Ikenyiri. Evaluation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Remediation on Soil Environment Using Mangnifera Indica (Mango) Seed. International Journal of Cheminformatics Research. 2020; 6(1): 21–35p.


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