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Computer IR- spectroscopic physical chemistry modeling of bones tumor

Michael Shoikhedbrod


Infrared spectroscopy is a valuable analytical method, which is used to study the structure of organic, inorganic and coordinating, as well as high molecular weight compounds. The ability of infrared spectroscopy to obtain information about the presence in the sample of certain functional groups permits to use the medical infrared spectroscopy as a tool for studying tissue biochemistry.The paper presents the existing concept of IR spectroscopy, the use of this method for the study of organic, metal-organic, macromolecular, inorganic, polymer and biological components in solid, liquid and gaseous form of studied samples of substances. A special place in the article is given to the author’s developed in collaboration with Shafransky L.L. computer program for infrared spectroscopic diagnosis, classification and prediction of tumor treatment methods, allowing the use of modern methods of physical chemistry analysis and mathematical modeling for diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of cancer patients.

     Keywords: Infrared spectroscopy; diagnosis, tumor treatment methods; methods of physical chemistry analysis , mathematical modeling,  treatment and monitoring of cancer patients.

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Cite this Article: M. Shoikhedbrod. Computer IR- Spectroscopic Physical Chemistry Modeling of Bones Tumor. International Journal of Cheminformatics Research. 2020; 6(1): 11–20p.


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