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Application of Agro-Residues for Removal of Oil Spill From Sea Surface

Pushpa Jha, Amanpreet Kaur, Akash Rauthan, Nidhi Sharma, Sunil Kumar


Rice husk (RH), wheat straw (WS) and sawdust (SD) were studied for sorption of oil spill (diesel oil of density 0.828 g/cc was taken as oil spill for lab study) from artificially prepared sea water (3.5% NaCl) at 20, 25, 30 and 35°C at various dosages. As RH gave maximum sorption capacity at all temperatures and at all dosages under study, it was focus of investigation for its application for removal of oil spill from sea surface. Parameters for study were optimized for 0.2 g of RH, with agitation speed of 125 rpm for 5 hours at 27°C. Spent sorbent was tested for its calorific value which was found as 4215 cal/g which is approximately 1.4 times that of RH before sorption.

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