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Radiation and Chemical Reaction Effect on MHD Flow Past an Accelerated Isothermal Inclined Plate in a Rotating Fluid with Variable Mass Diffusion

J.L. Ramaprasad, K.S. Balamurugan, Dr Lakkimsetty Nageswara Rao, R. Swetha


In this paper, we present radiation, chemical reaction and rotation effects on unsteady MHD flow past an accelerated isothermal inclined plate with variable mass diffusion. The non-dimensional governing equations are solved using Laplace transform method. The velocity, temperature and concentration profiles are discussed for various physical parameters like, radiation parameter, chemical reaction parameter, rotation parameter, Prandtl number, Schmidt number and time. Finally, physical quantities such as Nusselt number and Sherwood number are studied for different values of the governing parameters and are presented in tabular form. It is observed that velocity decreases with increasing values of rotation parameter or angle of inclination. It is also observed that the velocity accelerates with increasing thermal Grashof number or mass Grashof number.

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