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A Customized Wireless Supervisory Infrastructure for Integration and Explicit Multiparametric MPC-Based Control of Laboratory Processes

Kirubakaran Velswamy, T. K. Radhakrishnan


In this study, a custom, embedded wireless (Zigbee) supervisory infrastructure aimed at integration of laboratory processes is reported. A microcontroller based field control unit (FCU) implements closed loop control on experiments via ADAM 5000/485 data acquisition module. Data from the process (sensor/manipulation) are broadcasted from FCU using a wireless access point (WAP). A MATLAB graphic user interface (GUI) updates the data (obtained using a remote monitoring unit (RMU)) graphically. Multiparametric model predictive controllers (mpMPC) provide constrained and optimal explicit control structure. A benchmark spherical tank process (STP) is the control loops considered. From the linearized first principle model, gain scheduled mpMPC’s for STP are designed and deployed using FCU firmware. Servo tracking and regulatory experiments conducted on STP approves the viability of such custom infrastructure and also proves from metrics that mpMPC outperforms conventional control techniques.

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