CFD of Transition from Bubbly Flow to Slug Flow in Vertical Pipe

Zhi Shang, Jing Lou, Hongying Li


The transitional regimes of two-phase flow are widely met in many industrial practices. The phenomena of the transition flows are very complex. How to measure and simulate the transition flows are really challenging to the engineers. In this paper, the new Lagrangian algebraic slip mixture model (LASMM) was employed to quantity the transitional regimes of two-phase flow in a vertical pipe. In the application of this model, the typical flow transition from bubbly flow to slug flow was simulated. Through the comparisons to the experiment data, it confirms the validity and applicability of LASMM on the simulation of the transitional regime of two-phase flow.

Keyword: LASMM, transition flow, two-phase flow, vertical pipe

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