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Numerical investigation of hydrodynamics of batch crystallizer

Lister H Falleiro, B. Ashraf Ali


In this work, hydrodynamics in a draft tubebatch crystallizer is analysed computationally using Computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The CFD simulations are performed using multiple reference frame (MRF) with sliding mesh approach in transient condition for flow time of 5s using the standard k-ε turbulence model. The flow-field in batch crystallizer is quantified by calculating time averaged velocity profiles along the horizontal line and by analysing the temporal variation of liquid velocity at a point. This is further verified by calculating the liquid circulation in such batch crystallizer. To investigate optimum seed crystal injection location, potassium di hydrogen phosphate (KDP) crystals are injected at different locations and is modelled by coupling CFD with discrete phase model (DPM) through Euler-Lagrangian approach.

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