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Response Surface Methodology to Optimize Deproteinization of Green Crab Shells (Carcinus maenas)

Kirubandanan S, V. Subha, S. Renganathan


The crab shells are used as a feedstock for the extraction of either chitin or chitosan and other bioactive materials such as dyes and proteins. The optimum conditions are required for a process development for an effective separation of chitin. The most important parameters for deproteinization of green crab shells have identified the concentration of NaOH, temperature and time of contact. The optimum conditions for deproteinization of Green crab shells are NaOH concentration (1.25-1.75M), temperature65ͦ C and contact time of 300 mins for effective extraction of protein from the green crab shells. Therefore, Response surface methodology has been applied to the deproteinization of green crab shells for extraction of Chitin or Chitosan. Based on preliminary lab scale deproteinization studies, the minimum and maximum level of the variables are determined for the response surface optimization.
Keywords: Deproteinization, Response surface methodology, Box – Behnken design, Green Crab Shell

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