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Application of Taguchi Method for Optimization of Reaction Parameters in Graft Copolymerization onto Guar Gum

Sandeep Rai, Purvi J. Naik


In this article, Taguchi method is used to theoretically optimize the various reaction parameters and their interactions that may affect the end properties of Guar Gum Grafted copolymers made in a laboratory glass reactor. An attempt has been made to assess and predict the effect of temperature, monomer (Acrylonitrile) concentration and Guar Gum concentration on % grafting. In the present study effect of above mentioned three reaction parameters on the percentage grafting has been studied. By using Taguchi method, orthogonal experimental design and analysis technique; the performance of this process was analyzed with more objective conclusion with only a small number of simulation experiments. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) was performed to identify the significant factors affecting the response and the best possible factor level combination was determined.

Keywords: ANOVA, graft copolymerization, guar gum, Minitab 17, percentage grafting, Taguchi method

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