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Light Irradiation Improves Enzyme Efficiency: A Report

Zeanut Akoijam


Enzymes play crucial role in many chemical and biological processes including those occurring inside the human cells. Without enzymes, many of the reactions cannot even take place. It is important to understand the various parameters and factors that regulate or affect the efficiency of the enzymes. In this short review, an overview of the varying parameters that affects enzyme efficiency and the catalytic reactions is described. Later, a novel finding involving role of light in modulating enzyme efficiency is discussed.

Keywords: enzyme, enzyme activity, light, substrate concentration

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References [2] Megan A. Emmanuel, Norman R. Greenberg, Daniel G. Oblinsky, Todd K. Hyster. Accessing non-natural reactivity by irradiating nicotinamide-dependent enzymes with light, Nature. 2016; 540(7633): 414p. [3]


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