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Three-Dimensional Periodic Orbits Around the Collinear Liberation Points in the Restricted Problem When Both the Primaries Are Axis Symmetric Bodies

A. Anurag Jain, Ekta Katyal


Three-dimensional periodic orbits around the collinear liberation points in the restricted three body problem has been studied when both the primaries (earth–moon) are axis symmetric bodies with one of their axes as axis of symmetry and equatorial planes coinciding with the plane of motion by taking different values of semi-axes of the axis symmetric bodies(earth-moon). With the help of predictor corrector method, we have computed the initial conditions by taking different values of the semi-axes of the axis symmetric bodies. With these initial conditions, we have drawn three-dimensional periodic orbits in the different cases.

Keywords: axis symmetric body, collinear points, periodic orbits, restricted three body

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Anurag TP. Singh and Sanjay Jain Accepted in GPM Journal of Technology.

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