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Sunil Jayant Kulkarni, Kunal K. Velinkar, Roshan Y. Nemade, R. O. Narkhede


Packed column is the most commonly used apparatus for any unit operation in mass transfer. Hydrodynamics of the packed bed is the study which depicts the behavior of the fluid being incorporated in the column under different conditions. The conditions are governed by physical parameters such as the pressure drop across the bed, column size, column diameter, porosity of the bed, the type of packing, the orientation of the packing and density and viscosity of the fluid used. The Hydrodynamics of any bed help facilitate the use of the bed for any unit operation in mass transfer. The characteristics of the packed bed are determined by the pressure drop across the column for the given packing and the fluid. The pressure drop per unit length of the column is governed by Erguns equation on the basis of which the theoretical pressure drop is calculated and the corresponding flow characteristics are observed. A survey of few research studies related to the packed bed which are performed earlier is also being carried out.

Keywords: pressure drop, flow rate, packing, friction factor, spherical particles.

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