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Assessment of Underground Water in Winter Season-2016 of Rewa City (M.P.)

Manoj Kumar Solanki, O P Gupta


In this paper we are stuty about the physico-chemical study of Saanti Vihar colony and Engineering college Colony underground water of Rewa city (M.P.), INDIA in winter season-2016. A most of samples are within prescribed limits as suggested by As per BIS – 10500:2012 for drinking purpose.Seasonal variation in physical and chemical parameters like: Temperature, Turbidity, colour, odour, taste, pH, Total hardness, calcium (Ca2+), magnesium (Mg2+), Total alkalinity, Chloride (Cl-), Nitrate (NO3-), Total dissolved solid (TDS), Iron, Sulphate (SO42-) carbonate and Magnese (Mn2+) etc.

Keywords: Physico-chemical study, Underground water, Seasonal variation in water etc.

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