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Core/Shell structures embedded polyaniline nanocomposite for Solar cells

Gengan Saravanan, T. R. Heera


The synthesis and characterization of the conducting polyaniline (Pani) films embedded with Co2+ doped, PVA capped PbS/ZnS core-shell particles as photoluminescent boosters is reported. The photoluminescence intensity of the core-shell particles –Pani film had increased significantly.Periodic arrangement of the nanoclusters of the core-shell particles in the continuous conductive polymer matrix and high carrier density promise this material for the photoelectrochemical applications. Solid -state photovoltaic cells have been fabricated with PbS:Co/ZnS-Pani as the electron conductor and Pani as the hole conductor. The current voltage
characteristic of the cell was evaluated with a white light source of intensity 15 mW/cm2. Pmax
was found to be 0.088mW/cm2 while the Voc and Isc are 304 mV and 0.1 mA/cm2 respectively.
The calculated cell efficiency and fill factor are 0.58% and 0.29 respectively.

Keywords: Composite materials; Polymers; Luminescence; Optical properties.

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