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Critical Examination on Aluminum Corrosion in Marine water Media Environment

Chukwuemeke. P Ukpaka, Juliet Ben Iwo


Investigation into the critical examination on aluminum corrosion in marine water media environment of Niger Delta in Nigeria was monitored using experimental and theoretical approach. Weight loss was experienced with increase in the period of exposure indicating the occurrence of corrosion of aluminum in both fresh and salt water body. The weight loss and corrosion rate characteristics of the aluminum in the river water media environment was further examine using mathematic techniques of power and quadratic equation model, and the result obtained was compared with the experimental data and the results obtained demonstrates a good match. The polynomial expression of the curves were established and the equation of curve and the square root of best established as well. The rate of corrosion and weight loss was influence by the physicochemical properties of river water samples as well as the environment factors. The research demonstrates that the developed mathematical model is found useful in monitoring and predicting the weight loss and corrosion rate of aluminum in fresh and salt water medium.

Keywords: critical, examination, aluminum, corrosion, marine water media, environment

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