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“Studies on Benzene & Toluene in Ambient air of Ghaziabad Area of Delhi NCR & their carcinogenic effect”

Nidhi Rani, Abhishek kumar Singh


In this paper, the determination of Benzene & Toluene in Ambient air of Ghaziabad area of NCR were investigated. Benzene & Toluene are considered as the Carcinogenic and toxic contaminants of ambient air quality of Ghaziabad. Benzene & Toluene comes from many different sources like petroleum products, including motor fuels, industrial emission, factories and power plants etc. Benzene and toluene are carcinogenic and hazardous to biotic life and no safe level of exposure can be recommended. Ghaziabad being a well developed industrial hub due to rapid industrialization in last few decades and becomes one of the most polluted city of Delhi NCR because of industrial effluents, road dust, power plant emissions, factories, vehicles & other sources of smoke. This is an alarming situation for biotic life of Ghaziabad and its interrelation with environment. In Ghaziabad City, the ambient air was monitored at 3 different locations viz. residential area, commercial and Industrial area during four seasons i.e., Summer, Monsoon, Post monsoon & Winter. Variation in levels of Benzene and Toluene were observed during these seasons.

Key words: benzene, toluene, active sampling, gas chromatography-flame ionization detector.

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