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Studies on the Effect of Coal Mining on the Water Quality Parameters of Lilagar River Passing Through Dipika Coal Field Area

R. K. Sahu, H. Chandra


Lilagar river is a perennial water resource which is the biggest tributary of river Mahanadi in Chhattisgarh Lilagar river originates from Urta village near Pali in Korba district. The river flows through forest land, cropland and density populated rural areas. Mining of coal also causes pollution. Coal mine water is acidic in nature and dissolves the toxic elements like Cd, Pb and Al. water from river, pond and other sources have shown to be changing in quality parameters total dissolved solids, suspended solids, pH and conductivity have showed increasing trend. Mine discharge showed increasing concentration of trace and toxic elements in water discharged from mine. Pb and Cd concentration in soil and water of Dipika coal area discharge have shown increasing trend. Lilagar river is most affected at the junction of river and mine water. Due to pollutional effect of heavy mining, toxic elements like Pb and Cd have shown high concentration in soil especially in Dipika coal area. The mechanism by which Cd induces hypertension Cd is primarily excreted through kidneys and Pb is known to have multiple hematotoxic effects.

Keywords: Cd, coal, mining, Pb

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