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Assessment of the Physiochemical Parameters of Aluu Crude Oil Polluted Soil Environment in Niger Delta.

Chukwuemeke. P Ukpaka, C. B. Wecheonwu, T. Y. Puyate, O. E. Ehirim


Investigation was carried out to examine the effect of Crude oil contamination of Aluu soil and some of the physiochemical parameters. The physiochemical parameters studied were temperature, pH value, electrical conductivity and available phosphorus. The result obtained revealed the significant effect of the crude oil contamination on the physicochemical parameter investigated. The statistical analyses used were analysis of variance (ANOVA) and regression analysis. The time has effect on temperature and pH P < 0.05 significant but has no effect on available phosphorus and electrical conductivity P < 0.05 not significant. There were high positive correlations between physiochemical parameters and time. Key Words: Assessment, physiochemical parameters, Aluu, Crude oil, polluted soil, environment, Niger Delta

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