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Preparation of a composite Materials from activated carbon and waste plastic for water Treatment

Abdelhak Maghchiche, F. Z Benregga, R. Nasri, A. Haouam


Insoluble resins offer several advantages in preparation processes, the chemical, photochemical and thermal mechanical properties of composites are largely affected by matrix properties. The aim of our study was a double aspect, the synthesis of a polymer-based ion exchanger from waste polystyrene and the composite material valorization in water treatment. a series of experiments was made to prepare the sulfonated polystyrene ion exchange resin and the composite material based on an adsorbent phase activated carbon and polystyrene. For the characterization of our materials, different methods of characterization were used: infrared spectroscopy, elemental analysis, and thermogravimetric analysis. Composite materials can have high affinity and high capacity to simultaneously remove multiple contaminants from drinking water, these results show the possible use of the sulfonated polystyrene wastes for economic water treatment. Keywords: Composite material, waste plastic, polystyrene, activated carbon, Sulphonation, ion exchanger.

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