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Ultrasonic Study of Binary Liquid Mixtures of Triethyl Amine With Primary Alcohols at 303.15 K

Dhirendra Kumar Sharma


Most of the physical properties change whenever there is a change in the composition and structure of the liquid mixture. Then non-linear dependence of the physical–chemical properties with composition has been attributed to the size, shape, and polarity of the molecules. Ultrasonic velocity is one such property which is very important for the study of molecular interactions in solution. It gives information about the extent of interaction and some other parameters such as adiabatic compressibility and free lengthy. Velocity determination of ultrasound waves enables us to study the properties of the medium, in which it travels, owing to the important of ultrasound velocity in the investigation of molecular interaction in solutions, its measurements have been carried out in the different binary liquid mixture studies in the present work.

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