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Studies on Zirconium(IV) Telluroiodate: A New Heteropolyacid Based Inorganic Ion Exchange Material

Premvir Singh


Zirconium (IV) telluroiodate has been synthesized as a new inorganic cation exchanger by adding a mixture of aqueous solution of 0.1 M potassium iodate and 0.1 M sodium tellurite to aqueous solution of 0.1 M zirconium (IV) oxychloride under varying mixing ratios at pH 1. Its ion exchange capacity for Na+ was found to be 1.85 meqg1 of dry exchanger. The material has been characterized on the basis of chemical composition, FTIR, TGA, SEM and XRD. The chemical stability and thermal stability of the exchange material have also been studied. Further, various ion exchange studies such as pH titration, determination of ion exchange capacities for various metal ions and distribution behavior have been performed on this material.

Keywords: cation exchanger, characterization, heteropolyacidic salt, synthesis, zirconium (IV) telluroiodate

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