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Synthesis, Spectral and Magnetic Moment Studies of Mixed Ligand Complexes of Hydroxamic Acids with Potassium Hexathiocyanato Vanadium (II) Tetra Hydrate

Ajay Agarwal


Preparation and characterization of several hydroxamic acids of 3,4,5-trimethoxy benzohydroxamic acids(TMBHA), N-phenyl–3,4,5-trimethoxy benzohydroxamic acid(PTMBHA), 3,4-dimethoxy benzohydroxamic acid(DMBHA) and N-phenyl-3,4-dimethoxy benzohydroxamic acid(PDMBHA) were prepared and reacted with potassium hexathiocynato vandate (II) K4[V(NCS)6].3H2O tetra hydrate. The mixed ligand complexes of hydroxamic acids characterized with the help of repeated melting point identification, by I.R. studies, magnetic moment, molar conductance’s and by elemental analysis (C, H and N). The geometry of complexes were found to be octahedral .On the basis of these e facts the structure of the metal complexes found to be K2 [M(L’)2(L1)2], K3[M(L’)4(L2)], K2[M(L’)2(L3)2] and K3[M(L’)4(L4)].

Keywords: hydroxamic acids, potassium hexathiocynato vanadate (II) and mixed ligand complexes

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