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Successful Synthesis of Organic Molecules with Increased Conductivity and Durability

Konjengbam Dayananda Singh


Organic molecules are central to biological and chemical systems. Organic molecules are mainly composed of hydrogen and carbon. These constitute the building blocks for all living organism. Chemists and scientist are curious in synthesizing organic molecules that have increased conductivity and durability. Several techniques have been developed and modified to achieve this target. A novel method has been discussed for synthesis of organic molecules with enhanced conductivity and durability.

Keywords: biological, organic, synthesis

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Yuka Kobayashi, Takeshi Terauchi, Satoshi Sumi, Yoshitaka Matsushita. Carrier generation and electronic properties of a single-component pure organic metal, Nat Mater. 2016; DOI: 10.1038/nmat4768.


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