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Study of Corrosion Rate in Water Treatment Plant in Oil field

Dr Lakkimsetty Nageswara Rao, Obaid Muslem AL-Hajri, Shaikh Feroz


The high cost of corrosion, the corrosion engineers concern and its reduction in oil, gas and petrochemical countries is essential about 10% of the cost of producing a barrel of crude oil cost. Corrosion rates in the world costs 42–80 cents a barrel for crude oil is produced, specific climatic conditions, history of the country's refineries and oil production are the main factors affecting the cost of corrosion in oil country. Corrosion damage is major issues in oil and gas field have become a problem of worldwide significance. It causes plant shutdowns, waste of valuable resources, loss or contamination of product, reduction in efficiency, costly maintenance, and expenses over design can risk safety. The present study focus on numerous mechanism for controlling corrosion as well as implementation on safety point of view in the process industries. The corrosive causing materials like H2S which dissolved both in crude and varied in scope and composition. The parameters pH, conductivity, TDS and SRB were analyzed.

Keywords: conductivity, corrosion rate, pH, TDS and WTP

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