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Chemical Synthesis and Industrial Applications of Catechu

A J Khobragade


Kattha is acquired by crystallization in cold from the water extractives of the heartwood of Acacia catechu. The main constituents of the red heartwood are catechin and catechu tannic acid along with small proportion of brown coloring matter. It also contains tannin, flavotannin, gallotannin, hloratannin etc. (+)-Catechin is a constituent, which decreases the action of some hormones; hence “tyronorman” injected with thyroxin terminates the upsurge in basal metabolism. It has medicinal ethics as well and is used in ayurvedic medicines. It's by product cutch has several industrial applications. It is one of the vital sources of vegetable tanning material used widely as an improver to the drilling mud used for oil drilling and for preservation of sailing rods, fishing nets, mail bags etc. Both the products are versatile with varied applications.

Keywords: catechin, catechu, extraction and isolation, heartwood, kattha

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