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Mechanical Studies and Thermal Kinetics of Isoniazid Crystals

Ramachandran Esakki, Sundaram Ramukutty


Single crystals of isoniazid were crystallized by slow solvent evaporation method. The crystal structure was confirmed using single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. Micro hardness was estimated and work hardening coefficient and Newtonian resistance pressure of the crystal were determined. Kinetic analysis of the thermogravimetric data was carried out by using Coats-Redfern relation. Activation energy, frequency factor and order of reaction were also calculated. Arrhenius equation for isoniazid is k=0.43×105e–79103/RT mol–1s–1. Thermodynamic parameters were also determined.

Keywords: isoniazid, XRD, hardness, thermogravimetric analysis, kinetic parameters

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