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A Mini Review Practice of Formulations of Nanoparticles



Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies attract tremendous attention in recent researches. New physical properties and new technologies both in sample preparation and device fabrication evoke on account of the development of nanoscience. Various research fields including physics, chemists, material scientists, and engineers of mechanical and electrical are involved in this research. Synthesis of nanomaterials that are synonyms to quantum confined atom is an important milestone in the pursuit. Materials scientists and engineers have made significant developments in the improvement of methods of synthesis of nanomaterial solids. In this review various methods of preparing nanomaterials including Gas Condensation, Vacuum Deposition and Vaporization, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Chemical Vapor Condensation (CVC), Mechanical Attrition, Chemical Precipitation, Sol-Gel Techniques, Electrodeposition are discussed.

Kewords: electrodeposition: Hydrolysis, Nanoparticles, Surfactant

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