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Synthesis and Characterization of Cadmium exchanged Sodalite

A. V. Borhade, S. G. Wakchaure


Cadmium derivative of chloro sodalite, has been synthesized at low temperature by hydrothermal method. The sodalite is characterized by IR, X-ray powder diffraction and SEM. The Cd derivative was obtained by facile exchange of cadmium for sodium in chloro sodalite using a solution of cadmium nitrate in Teflon autoclaves at 100oC. The IR spectra of parent gallo silicate chloro sodalite and cadmium exchanged chloro sodalites shows three kinds of IR vibrations, νas (Al-O-Si) (asymmetric stretching vibrations), νs (Al-O-Si) (symmetric stretching vibrations) and δ (O-T-O) (bending vibration). Introduction of non-tetrahedral cations into sodalite framework changes the IR spectra in the range of pseudo-lattice vibrations located at about 700-500 cm-1. Parent chloro sodalite and its cadmium derivative shows cubic symmetry in a space group P 3n. The crystal structures were refined by Rietveld refinement method. A considerable change is observed in cell parameters for the cadmium derivative. Cell expansion is accompanied with slight increase in T-O bond distances and T-O-T bond angles. The framework expansion takes place due to introduction of non-framework cadmium ion. The unit cell parameter (a) is 8.9502 Å for chloro sodalite and it is found to be 9.0001 Å for cadmium sodalite. SEM pictures of cadmium derivative shows slight deposition of particles on the crystal surfaces.

Keywords: cadmium, derivative, gallosilicate, sodalite

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