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Applications of Separation of Materials

Sara Mohd Ashtan


The main aim in our work deals with the preparation of series of new bio compounds that have interesting in bio and biomedical fields, pharmaceutical drugs, medicinal biochemistry and in other fields also. All compounds have wide applications and the prepared bio compounds were prepared through many steps with various conditions like azetidine, imidazole, thiazine, oxazepine , diazepine , tetrazole. The structure of the newly synthesized compounds were monitored by TLC (thin layer chromatography) and identified by many techniques FT.IR,1H.NMR,C.H.N and melting points .

Keyword: chromatography, azo, anil, heterocycle, thiazine, diazepine, oxazepane, tetrazole, separation of materials, imidazole.

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Cite this Article: Sara Mohd Ashtan. Applications of Separation of Materials. International Journal of Chemical Synthesis and Chemical Reactions. 2019; 1 (2): 20–24p.



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